What is the plush made of and will it withstand my puppy?

Our pups are made from plush quilting reinforced with an extra layer of 420D fabric. This wear and tear reducing material is also partially water resistant protecting the stuffing and internals. We encourage the use of our pals during sleep time only and suggest using a teething toy when they would like to chew or play.


Our personalisation


You will have the option to add 12 characters on the fabric quilting in the color black for an additional fee.

Our personalisation on the toy is HPV. Due to the permanent nature of HPV, no returns or exchanges can be offered unless the item is faulty. Please view our policy here.


Our bowls are 18cm in diameter and 8cm high. They are dishwasher safe ceramic and personalised through a sublimation process. You can add up to 8 characters. This is permanent and therefore can not be returned or exchange unless faulty.


How does my sound box function?

Your sound box has 2 playback options: White noise and a heartbeat

Your sound box has the choice of 1 or 8 hours playback.

Charge time is approximately 30 minutes. A full charge will give you 60+ hours of playback

Charge using a micro USB charger, until the unit glows green.

Set to your desired volume output via the volume dial


How do I use the heat pack?

Remove the heat pack from the toy

Place on a dry surface

800 watt 40-90 sec max

1000 watt 30-80 sec max

**Exceeding the heat timeframes may result in irreparable damage


I have an older dog. Will this work with them?

Absolutely. We have many senior dogs in our reviews, that have have found comfort in having a pal like these to warm their achy bones and to smell of their paw-rents when their owners are not close by.


My dog has separation anxiety. Will this help them ?

Yes. We encourage you to take some time to transfer your smell to the comforter before introduction and then include it into your routine but make it prominent when your dog starts to show signs of separation anxiety. For example, before leaving the house, heat the pal and set them up in their bed with the comforter. Over time they will learn this is their new routine when your are leaving.


Can I use these with children?

These have been designed and tested for pet use only.