Puppy Comforter


"My golden retriever & his puppy pal have become best friends! He loves to carry his pal around the house with him and take him everywhere he goes. The design is super sturdy and durable (even when he likes to give his pal a bit of ruff and tumble) and easily pops into the washing machine when it's needing a freshen up. His favourite toy by far!"

Lucky, The Golden Retriever

"I was skeptical. We buy clearance plush toys because our Boxer LOVES tug of war and tearing toys to shreds. This was different though. As a covid puppy our Bella has really struggled with the transition of not having EVERYONE home all the time. Scout has been a game changer. Not only does she have Scout for bedtime, she has him every time we leave the home. Her anxiety has absolutely improved (and our neighbours are thankful!)
6 months in and almost a daily game of Scout tug-of-war included... I seriously can't believe she hasn't made a dent in it. I expected it to last less than a week... 6 months of snuggles and counting with our test sample. Thank you from one way less stressed out Boxer!"

Bella, The Boxer

"Crate training support 10/10. I welcomed our dachshund Gunther into our home and setup our crate training as instructed by the breeder. What a fail. He wailed all night and I ended up caving into letting him sleep in my bed. I decided to try a Riff Raff on recommendation and what a difference. The warmth from the heat pack keeps him happy to sleep in his own bed all night."

Gunther, Dachshund