Ambassador Affiliate Links

How it works

1. Obtain your special link here.

2. Share this special link on all your Riff Raff created content 

3. Your audience gets 10% off their order and we pay you 10% of their order value

**Minimum order value to be eligible for discount or referral payment is $65.00

Ambassador Affiliate Link T&Cs

Our Ambassador Affiliate links are operated by a Third Party App known as ReferralCandy. The restrictions within the program are agreed upon terms to protect both the businesses and the end consumer participating.

It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure they have educated themselves prior to participation. By participating, it is understood that you have taken on ownership of making yourself aware of the below conditions. Please ensure you have read, understood and accepted. 

Any misunderstanding during participation will not result in rewards being retrospectively added to accounts.

Conditions To Get A Referral Link

You need to have opted-in to our marketing emails. 

Once you join our marketing campaign, you will receive an email shortly after from the Third Party App known as ReferralCandy providing you with your unique referral link connected to your name and email address.

This link provides your audience with 10% off their first purchase at our store. These codes can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

What's Rewarded & What's Not

Our Ambassador program is in place to introduce new customers to Riff Raff Pets.  As such, the purchases made by the following customers are not rewardable:

  1. Purchases made using your link by existing customers.
  2. Multiple purchases made by the same customer using your link. Only the first purchase is rewardable.
  3. Self-referrals i.e. Creating new accounts using multiple email addresses’. Exploiting our ambassador system for personal gain will result in being banned from the ambassador program and accounts deleted.
  4. Riff Raff Pets is not under obligation to inform the participant their accounts have been deleted due to fraudulent behaviour. 

When an eligible purchase has been made by your link, the purchase is monitored for 28 days by the 3rd Party App and an email is sent to you letting you know you have a new redemption.  Once the purchase has been checked under Referral Candy’s anti-fraud measures, it will either be rewarded or unrewarded.  This is to make sure that purchases are not affected by our ‘change of mind’ policy before rewarding Advocates.  

For each successful referral you make to us we will pay you 10% of their order value. The order value must exceed the regular price of one Puppy Comforter ($69.95) to be eligible for payment.

Where Not To Share Your Links

Ambassador links are not to be shared on ANY coupon aggregating sites or other site we would consider to not be representative of our brand or a content creator. Such as Ebay, marketplace etc.  Posting to these pages will result in removal from the Ambassador program and any unpaid referrals at this time will become null and void. 

Any Ambassador program participant deemed to be 'profiteering' from the program or benefitting from disingenuous sales is banned and all unpaid rewards will be disqualified.

How You Are Paid For Your Referrals

When you sign up you must link an active bank account in order to be paid. 

Payments are made at the end of each month into the linked payment account, after the 21 day waiting period has been completed.  Payments can not be brought forward under any circumstance. Ambassadors are able to log into their Referral Candy account at any stage and check the status of their account and payments.

Right To Change Or Terminate

Riff Raff Pets Pty Ltd can change or terminate the Ambassador Program or a person’s ability to participate at any time for any reason and without notice.

Riff Raff Pets Pty Ltd reserves the right to suspend accounts, cancel the Discount Code or refuse a transaction if we notice any activity we believe fraudulent, improper, or unlawful or if we have reason to assume you are in breach of these Referral terms and conditions.

Riff Raff Pets Pty Ltd reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referral payments as deemed fair and appropriate.

Changes To Terms and Conditions

Riff Raff Pets Pty Ltd reserves the right, at all times, to amend these Referral Terms by publishing an amended version on the website.  It is the participants responsibility to refer back to this page regularly to check for changes. 

Ambassador Affiliate links are strictly only for those who have undergone approval and acceptance into the program by the Social Marketing team of Riff Raff Pets. 

Our Customer Experience Team is always here to help