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Cat Comforter - Shadow The Cat

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Those first few months transitioning to a new home is a little bit scary for kittens 💔 which is why we have added the comforting sound of white noise to our comforters to help mitigate any new household sounds that may disturb your kitten during the night, causing them to cry and have a restless night sleep. A soundly sleeping kitten = a soundly sleeping household 💤 Plays for 8hrs.

There is nothing more comforting to a young kitten than the sound of a heartbeat that mimics the familiar feeling of sleeping with their mother and littermates. It gives kittens that warm and snuggly feeling that they are not alone, bringing them a lot of reassurance when it comes to bedtime. Plays for 8 hours.

This ain't no regular kitty toy! This adorable plush comes with a reusable microwaveable heat bag to give an even more realistic feeling of sleeping next to a litter mate. We promise your kitties are going to love this, especially as they get older and enjoy snuggling against something warm in the cooler months!

These toys will get loved, like a lot... in the form of drool, eye goobers, and worse. Which is why we've made our kitten comforters machine washable! Remove the soundbox and heat bag and they will come out of the machine looking as good as new for years to come! Lucky our little drool-machines are cute!

This cat comforter is going to be subject to many tiny shark bites! But fret not, our durable lining provides a protective layer between the stuffing, heat bag, and soundbox for ultimate safety and longevity. We made these comforters with quality in mind so that they could become a lifelong friend.

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