Trendy Treat Bags + The Best Training Treats

Trendy Treat Bags + The Best Training Treats

We are excited to introduce our favourite trendy dog treat bags and handpicked puppy training treats for you much loved canine companion.

Easy Breezy Dog Walks - our fav dog treat bags!

Have you ever struggled with keeping your dog's treats organized during walks or outings? Say goodbye to fumbling with plastic bags and hello to the convenience and style of our trendy dog treat bags. We're sharing only the best from the market which combine premium material, stylish design and ultimate functionality to ensure you and your pup are looking fabulous on those dog walks.

Dog Belt Bag - Dog By Dr Lisa

There ain’t no escaping it: owning a dog is hands-on. From throwing balls to feeding treats to squishing their squishy faces, the more dexterous you are, the more dedicated you can be.

Neosport Walkie Bag - Doog

For those who need to take a little more gear on their walk or hike, this versatile, neoprene cross-body bag holds everything you need for your daily dog adventures while still looking stylish enough to hit the shops after your walk.

Astro Training Treat Pouch - Stylish Hound

This nifty little kit is ideal for stashing all manner of treats, wet or dry! The wet area of the pouch is wipeable for ease of cleaning, with a sneaky back zipper for easy access all walk long. 


The Gooder The Treat, The Gooder The Dog - our top treats for puppy training!

The most effective way to teach your pup right from wrong is with a reward-based training program. This principle is exactly what it sounds like – rewarding your pet when they behave correctly. Here is our top picks of puppy treats that your pup is sure to love!

Important training treat requirements:

  1. Nutritious & Delicious: Ensure the treats you select are made from wholesome ingredients, promoting your puppy's overall well-being while satisfying their taste buds.

  2. Perfect Size & Palatable: Ensure each treat is sized appropriately and easy to swallow for quick rewards during training sessions, maintaining focus and motivation.

Beef Liver Treats

Liver is such a wonderfully nutritious natural multivitamin which your dog shouldn’t be without in his or her diet and comes in small broken bits that are the perfect size for dog training. They're full of a meaty flavour that is sure to capture lil pups interest!

Prime 100 Roll Puppy Food

Yes this form of dog treat is kind of gross to us humans, but trust us - it will bring out the best in your puppy! The key is to cut it into small bite size cubes ahead of puppy school or a training session and you'll burn through the whole bag with no complaints!

Black Hawk Puppy Chicken Jerky Bites

These delightful, human-grade treats are made with local ingredients in regional Australia. These treats are slow-oven baked to lock in the goodness of nutrients and flavour.

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