How Our Comforter Can Help Senior Dogs

How Our Comforter Can Help Senior Dogs

Caring for your senior dog

Just like humans, senior dogs need extra care as they grow old. As a dog parent, it's important to be mindful of all the ways you can help to maximise you dogs quality of life during their golden years. If your furry friend is over the age of 7, then you can consider them a senior dog. By the time they reach 9 years old their organs, joints and metabolism is comparative to 63-year old human so it's a good time to give them some extra love and set them up for a comfortable retirement full of all the creature comforts they deserve.

How our Comforter can help:

1. Aids separation anxiety

Your senior dog may become a bit more 'needy' during their old age and not like to be left alone. It's very common for senior dogs to become anxious when they sense you are about to leave or if their is a change in routine. If they have vision or hearing loss, this may add to their stress levels. By incorporating our Comforter into your routine when you are leaving the house you begin to associate leaving with something good that they love. Play the relaxing heart beat or white noise and leave them with their favourite treat and the prospect of you being gone for a while won't feel so bad.

2. Provides comfort during loud thunder storms or fireworks

You may find your older dog becoming more sensitive to loud sounds like thunder storms and fireworks which is why giving them a constant companion that provides comfort could be just what they need to feel safe and sound, especially in cases where you can't be there to support them.

3. A warm companion to sleep with

Your senior dog will love cuddling up to our Comforters warm belly for extra comfort during the night. This can provide substantial relief for the achiness of age-related arthritis, stiffness and joint problems.


Other ways to support your senior dog:

1. Switch to a age appropriate food diet

Your old mates metabolic rate has slowed down which means that they will require less energy from their meals and something friendlier on their digestive system. Tailoring their meals to meet their nutritional needs can significantly help your senior dog feel mentally and physically like a young lass or laddie again.

2. Upgrade them to a more supportive bed

It's important that your senior dogs joints are well supported while they rest to help minimise any stiffness or pain. A dense, supportive mattress or cushion bed will help your pooch to feel rested and ready to go when the morning comes around.

3. Rug them up for winter

Your senior dog is feeling the cold a lot more than they used too which can aggravate joint pain or stiffness. A well fitted coat, jacket or jumper will not only look adorable but also keep your pooch from over using it's energy to keep themselves cosy warm.

4. Schedule a vet check-up 

As we know, our beloved dogs age a lot faster then humans, so it's possible for health issues to arise much quicker. Regular check ups gives you the best chance to catch any problems early on and help your dog with a happier and healthier life.

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